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Silver Oxidized Shamrock Ring

Add a touch of luck to your style with the Sterling Silver Oxidized Shamrock Ring. Made with quality craftsmanship and a stunning design, this popular pick is perfect for any occasion. Shamrocks have always been good luck charms in Celtic lore. It is the national flower of Ireland and is believed to have been an important Druid symbol. Druids are said to have felt that the three heart-shaped leaves represented the triad. The triad also represents ideals like faith, love, and hope. St Patrick used the trefoil leaves to explain the unity of the Holy Trinity – three parts yet one whole – to the pagans during his Christian teachings. For more, visit our Celtic symbols page.

Sizes: 7US, 8US, 9US. You can refer to our ring size chart.

Metal: 925 Solid Sterling Silver.
Top Width: 9 mm.

Silver Oxidized Shamrock Ring