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Triskelion Silver Bangle

Introducing the Sterling Silver Triskelion Bangle! Crafted with 925 Sterling Silver and featuring a stunning Triskelion design, this bangle is a must-have for Celtic jewellery lovers. Embrace the beauty of Celtic culture with this popular pick. The Triskele symbol, otherwise known as the Triskelion or Triple Spiral, is a trilateral symbol consisting of three interlocked spirals. Its main meaning is the unity of the Earth, Water, and Fire, and is believed to have powerful protective properties. Triskeles evoke the Celtic interpretation of the three realms of material existence: earth, water, and sky (and all their interconnections). For more, visit our Celtic symbols page. Supplied in a gift box.

Size - Width: 14 mm, Diameter: 49 x 60 mm.

Metal: 925 Solid Sterling Silver.

Triskelion Silver Bangle