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Silver Four Leaf Clover Adjustable Bracelet

Introducing the Sterling Silver Four leaf Clover with Stem Bracelet with an adjustable thread for a perfect fit. Made with 925 sterling silver and durable polyester, this bracelet is not only charming but also timeless. Shop now and bring a touch of good fortune to your everyday look. Four leaf clovers are used to symbolise good luck. Clovers are rare and grow one at a time, while Shamrocks grow in clumps. The clover’s four leaves represent luck, faith, hope, and love. The clover became associated with the Irish people after the druids were driven out of Ireland. It was seen as a lucky charm and often carried for protection or worn as a talisman.

Bracelet Length: Adjustable 15.2 cm - 22.9 cm.

Top Width: 14 mm, Height: 16 mm.

Material: Polyester.

Metal: 925 Solid Sterling Silver.

Silver Four Leaf Clover Adjustable Bracelet