Heathergems Mor Stud Earrings

Mor Stud Silver Plated Earrings.

With no two pieces the same, Heathergems are handcrafted from the stems of Scottish heather in a process developed over the last 50 years. Heather cloaks the Scottish mountains in a rich purple that blooms twice a year. It is hand harvested near Pitlochry and then dried, compressed into a block and cut in the shape needed to be turned into Heathergems unique items. A beautiful reminder of the Scottish Landscape, nowhere else in the world will you find this unique range of jewellery. Comes supplied in a gift box with story card.

Brand: Heathergems

Dimensions: 16mm diameter with 9mm Heathergem.

Colour: Red, Yellow, Deep Purple.

Heathergems Mor Stud Earrings

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