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Triquetra Silver Bangle

Introducing the Sterling Silver Triquetra Bangle! Crafted with 925 Sterling Silver this solid bangle boasts a stunning Celtic Trinity design, a must-have for Celtic jewellery lovers. Embrace the beauty of Celtic culture with this popular pick. The Triquetra, known as the trinity knot, is one of the most popular Celtic symbols. Composed of three equal interlaced arcs with a never-ending unbroken line, representing equality, eternity & unity. The concept of three was the foundation of divine belief, encompassing the maiden, mother and crone, representing the life cycle. The triquetra has also been used to signify other meanings. For more, visit our Celtic symbols page. Supplied in a gift box.

Size - Top Width: 17 mm, Diameter: 59 x 53 mm, Bangle Thickness: 3 mm.

Metal: 925 Solid Sterling Silver.

Triquetra Silver Bangle