Small Highland Cow

Scottish Highland Cattle carry themselves in a very regal manner. With their almost prehistoric appearance, easy going temperament and their intelligence, they are a very special breed of cattle to raise. They can be found grazing on fields all day where they will eat all kinds of grass and other plants. This small Highland Cow is a wonderful plush animal crafted to look like the real thing.

Highland Cows originate from the Scottish Highlands and the Outer Hebrides, it is no wonder they are covered from head to toe in fur. Their shaggy coat keeps them warm in the cold climate. They come in yellow, black, most popular ginger and even white. They love to be stroked behind the ears if you can reach them. They are so light footed they make a natural choice for conservation grazing.

Brand: Living Nature by Keycraft. Tag includes these educational animal facts.

Size: 21cm.

Material: Stuffing is made from recycled post-consumer P.E.T plastic, most commonly used in bottles and other food containers.

Small Highland Cow

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