Silver Ring Celtic Triskele Signet Large

Celtic Lands beautifully handcrafted sterling silver Large Celtic Triskele Signet ring, designed in Cornwall, UK and inspired by ancient Celtic artwork with symbolic meaning. Includes branded gift box.

Size: AU/UK: R, US: 9, EU: 59 (inner circ. in mm). Diameter: 18.75mm.

          AU/UK: Y, US: 12 ½, EU: 68 (inner circ. in mm). Diameter: 21.32mm.

        AU/UK: Z, US: 13, EU: 69 (inner circ. in mm). Diameter: 21.71mm.

        AU/UK: W, US: 11 ½, EU: 65 (inner circ. in mm). Diameter: 20.61mm.

        AU/UK: V, US: 11, EU: 64 (inner circ. in mm). Diameter: 20.17mm.

        AU/UK: X, US: 12, EU: 66 (inner circ. in mm). Diameter: 20.99mm.

Brand: Sea Gems.

Silver Ring Celtic Triskele Signet Large

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