Hampton Court Rosy Cross-pendant with chain

Hampton Court palace, built in 1514 by Thomas Wolsey, Roman Catholic Cardinal, Arch-Bishop of York, and Lord Chancellor.
Cardinal Wolsey later gave Hampton Court to his Monarch, King Henry VIII, remembered for his six wives, establishment of the Church of England, and father to Elizabeth I, the last Tudor royal.
The Tudor Rose and Crown adorns the medieval cross to create a symbol of singular beauty, signifying faith and devotion.
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    The Lost Treasures of Albion designs are crafted in pewter, with gold, enamel and vibrant crystal accents.

    Albion, the ancient name for the British Isles, has come to mean all that is legendary in Britain's history and landscape. The lost treasures of Albions charms, are ancient Britains legacy, a reminder of past glory that promises future greatness